Client Testimonials

Director of Talent Acquisition - Quirky, Inc.  (New York, NY)

[Relevant Placement:  Chief Technology Officer]

Quirky"CSI is a one of a kind search firm. I was very impressed with their desire and willingness to really understand the business of Quirky and how we work. They really delivered on one of our most difficult talent searches for a CTO. From the first phone call to the office visit to the negotiations they were top notch.

I've been working with firms for many years and I have to say CSI is the best I've ever worked with. They truly listen and deliver. I highly recommend them to any company about to embark on a difficult search. You can have confidence that the candidates they present have been thoroughly vetted and tested."

SVP, Commercialization / Petroleum Geo-Services, PGS Optoseis

[Relevant Placement: VP of Fiber OpTic ]

PGSOptoseisI want to thank CSI for great services in identifying talented candidates for a high level position we had in our company. CSI’s recruiters were highly professional and experienced, and communication was always prompt and informative. CSI was able to gain access to senior level difference makers in a highly competitive talent landscape. CSI provided a carefully vetted group of top talent for our consideration, helping us to avoid wasted time on unqualified candidates.

President / CEO, Canal Barge Company, Inc.

[Relevant Placement: Vice President of Human Resources]

CanalBargeLogoAfter a comprehensive evaluation of search firms, we were impressed by CSI's breadth and depth of experience as well as the comprehensive approach and personal touch in helping companies find the right executives. Since as a company we had not done a national executive search in almost 25 years, CSI's flexibility and personal touch was a big help us in thinking through a disciplined process to finding the right candidate.

Through the entire process, CSI stayed focused on helping us find the right person for our business needs, our company culture, and who was a fit for our community. CSI ensured that they had a deep understanding of us and our business needs. We believe we found the perfect set of candidates who hit all of the right personal, professional, and cultural touchstones that we required, and we would definitely use CSI again for future executive searches. Their breadth of experience in multiple industries and ability to conduct searches for professionals in many different disciplines and at many different levels is a big plus for our needs.

President / CEO - Pacific Northwest Regional Leader in Cranes and Rigging

[Relevant Placement: Executive Vice President / General Manager]

Ness  Campbell Crane"Utilizing CSI to secure an Executive Vice President / General Manager was a great success for our company!  CSI was very thorough in getting down to exactly what we were looking for. One of the effective tools they used was the 'CSI Navigator,' which really forced us to narrow down our search criteria to the critical needs of the position and also helped hone in on the personality of the candidate, not just their professional experience.

CSI also took a close look at our company as a whole, including our Organizational Chart, in order to find the best fit for us.   They spent time and energy working on our company’s needs and narrowing down the search to only viable candidates. When it came time to sending us the carefully vetted individuals, the outcome was well-defined, quality applicants that all could have made a great addition to our team. The individual we selected for the position was actually the first candidate they sent our way and we have been extremely happy with his addition to our company."

Director of HR - International Oil Field Equipment & Services Company

lufkin[GE Oil & Gas]  "Thanks CSI for providing us with top notch candidates and service.  Our president now specifically asks that we work with your organization because of the level of talent you consistently bring to our organization. Now that's setting the bar pretty high."

[Relevant Placements:  Director of Tax, Director of Information Technology, Treasurer, Director of Quality, General Manager -  Automation Division, Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis, North American Controller, Chief Engineer, Engineering Manager, Oilfield Automation Senior Electrical Engineer, General Manager - Foundry, Project Engineer: Foundry, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Foundry Sales Manager, Senior Motor Design Engineer, General Manager - International Lift Systems, Heat Treat Manager, Project Engineer Power Transmission, HR Manager(s),...]

President - Alternative Service Concepts

[Relevant Placement: Chief Executive Officer]

Alternative Service ConceptsAlternative Service Concepts (ASC) contracted with CSI Executive Search (CSI) to obtain candidates for its open CEO position.  CSI spent a considerable amount of time learning more about our company, leadership, and expectations for our CEO.  This process involved completing a profile that helped us define and document the traits and attributes we required in a CEO.  Once CSI built the foundation, they were set to begin recruiting candidates that fit our profile.  Let me take a moment to interject: taking the time to build a foundation from which to launch the search really impressed me.  CSI spent a considerable amount of time and energy understanding ASC before they began looking for candidates.  I think this really helped them hone in on the ideal candidate for us. 


President / CEO - Offshore Cleaning Systems - ECOSERVE - Newpark Environmental

[Relevant Placement: Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing]

OffshoreCleaningSystems"I set out to find a very special person to fill the role of Senior V.P. of Business Development with OCS.  My guidelines were not exactly well laid out and my expectations were very, very high. A nightmare for a recruiter, I am sure.  However, I did do one thing especially right and that was to hire CSI Executive Search to find the person that I was seeking.  My expectations were not only met but exceeded at every juncture of the process.  I would like to provide CSI with the highest of recommendations.  If you are a company looking for a partner to join your firm who will identify individuals of the highest level of experience, background and character, these folks are the best at finding exactly what you are seeking!   Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this extremely important addition to our team!"

RED CLOUD CAPITAL - Private Equity

HR Director - Fortune 500 International Chemical, Coatings, and Specialty Products Company (Formerly PPG Industries / Now Axiall, Inc.)

ppg.gif"CSI continues to do a great job of sourcing critical engineering and operational talent for our organization.  Thanks CSI!"

[Relevant Positions: Multiple Across Departments]

Chairman of the Board - Alamo Workforce Solutions

workforce”CSI did an excellent job of assisting us with our search for an Executive Director for our public agency.   Donna Sphar and her team were instrumental in not only capably filling this position but also in helping to guide our Board and Search Committee throughout the search process.  Thanks CSI for a job well done!”

[Relevant Placement: Executive Director]

Executive Director - World Leading Manufacturer of Ultrasonic Testing Equipment

Sonatest - World leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic Testing Equipment“When we were interviewing firms for a strategic General Manager search for our organization, CSI impressed us as having the focus and qualifications necessary to find the unique blend of  talent that we needed to grow our business.  They stated upfront that their goal was to give us a “difficult choice” because of the quality of the candidates they could provide.  They delivered on that promise.  CSI provided five highly experienced and accomplished candidates, four of which were invited to final interviews.  Not only did we avoid wasting time with unqualified candidates but with such a strong pool of finalists we really did have difficult choice in the end…a nice problem to have.  Finally, as a UK based company, their knowledge of the US market was invaluable. Thanks for a great job CSI.”

[Relevant Placement: General Manager of U.S. and Canadian Operations]

President - Board of Directors; Texas Water / Waste Water Utility

Aqua Water SupplyFinding a General Manager for a Texas water utility who possesses the combination of skills and experience necessary to lead an organization of this type is a tall order.  I can honestly say that the board was impressed with every candidate that CSI submitted.  Their attention to detail is excellent.  Thanks for a job well-done!

[Relevant Placement:  General Manager]

Interim CEO - Industry Leading Thermal Coatings Services Company


"CSI located a Chief Engineer for our Thermal Engineering Team who started contributing to our organization from day one...very professional, excellent communication and service.  Thanks CSI!"

[Relevant Placements: Chief Engineer]

Chief Financial Officer - Natural Gas Compression Industry:

usacompression“We brought CSI to the table after two other national engineering recruiting firms failed to locate the technical talent that we needed.  Within a week, the winning candidate was identified and subsequently hired.  If you have a need for specialized engineering talent…CSI delivers. Their communication and professionalism throughout the whole process were excellent. We look forward to a continued working relationship with CSI.”

[Relevant Placement: Chief Environmental Engineer]

President of the Board - Regional Nephrology Group

cna.gif"Thanks CSI for locating such a talented and well-rounded Practice Administrator for our group.  You did an excellent job and he is already making a positive impact on our organization.  Thanks again!

[Relevant Placements: Practice Administrator]

Executive Vice President - Marine & Power Generation Industry:

kirby.gif"We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with CSI Executive Search.  They have helped us to find exceptionally qualified candidates who have brought real value to our organization...people who not only have great skills but who also fit with our organization.  We have used them extensively over the years and they have always been able to find the talent that we need, even for very niche positions.   I would personally recommend CSI's Executive Search Team to any firm."

President - Dorf Ketal Chemicals North America:

Dorf Ketal Corporation"As a fast growing firm in the Houston area serving the Oil & Gas sector, we compete with the Big Oil companies for critical personnel.  Our strategic national expansion initiatives required key industry-specific talent.  CSI helped us recruit a key business unit manager and a national account manager who have made significant contributions to our company and are still on our team today.   We look forward to a continuing partnership with CSI."

[Relevant Placements:  Business Development Manager, National Account Manager]

Chief Financial Officer - Secure Care Technologies:

securecare.gif"Partnership with CSI Executive Search developed when our entrepreneurial firm required strategic hires for a Web Applications Developer, a Controller, and a Training Manager.   I really appreciate CSI’s focus in learning about our business and the positions at hand – as well as their open communications throughout the search projects.  Contributions by selected CSI candidates have resulted in value to our firm’s ability to meet business objectives with high caliber professionalism and creativity." 
[Relevant Placements: Web Applications Developer, Controller, Training Manager]

Executive Director - Organ Procurement:

Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency"CSI truly takes the time to understand my needs, not just for the position I am filling but also how that role fits in with the rest of the organization.  CSI is thorough and extremely detail oriented.  I always know where we stand on a search.  And I know that the candidates they bring to me are all worthy of hiring.  They make it a great problem to have.  We have used CSI for many searches through the years and always receive top-notch service." 
[Relevant Placements:: Director of Business Development, Director of HR, Director of Clinical Operations]
 HR Director - Consulting, Engineering, Construction, and Operations Company:

cdm.gif"Having been disappointed by other recruiting firms in the past we were delighted to find CSI.  They have been just excellent...very efficient and professional. And best of all they found the talent that we had been looking for."

Chief Executive Officer - Information / Technology Company:

compu-cure.gif"Thank you very much for such a quick job of finding a great candidate.  Nice Job.  We look forward to doing more business with you in the future."

Information Systems Director
- International Oil & Gas Company:

marinesystems.gif"CSI has been a tremendous asset as a resource for qualified and skilled technical personnel in the IT field. They have consistently placed reliable personnel who have surpassed my expectations in their given discipline. I have always been able to discuss issues professionally with CSI and have always received a quick and speedy solution to any issues that have arisen. In my opinion, CSI is the best solution for qualified technical personnel."

Information Technology Director - National Law Firm:

joneswalker.gif"I worked with CSI Executive Search for 5 years in my capacity as an IT Director. Their professionalism and follow-through were excellent. I especially appreciated the time they took to learn about the position and its requirements. In addition, the fact they personally interviewed all candidates before submitting them for consideration meant I had fewer wasted interviews."

Managing Partner - Christopher Glisson - Multiple Positions - Regional Law Firm


We have turned to Donna at CSI on three occasions and she has completely satisfied our expectations.  It is comforting to know that CSI only provides potential employees which satisfy our specific needs. We highly recommend Donna and CSI Executive Search."

CEO Medical Services Company - Hunter Medical Systems

hmsi.gif"Whenever we have a talent need, we go to CSI.  They consistently provide a level of service that far excedes any search firms we have worked with in the past.  Try won't be disappointed."

Director of Business Development - Healthcare:

"I have had the privilege of being on both sides of this process--first as one being recruited, then as one filling several positions.  I knew from my first interaction with CSI how thorough and detail-oriented they would be when I needed a search.  CSI gives me confidence that I will interview and select from the highest caliber candidates."

Managing Partner - National Law Firm:

mcglinchey.gif"As our business grew by leaps and bounds, we found it almost impossible to keep up with the need for professional employees. We have turned to Donna at CSI on three occasions and CSI has completely satisfied our expectations.  It is comforting to know that CSI can weed through the prospective applicants and only provide potential employees who satisfy your specific needs.  We highly recommend Donna and the CSI team."

HR Executive - Retinal Photography:

inoveon.gif"You have a super organization and represent outstanding candidates. All CSI candidates submitted could well do the job; picking the best is a nice problem to have.  Thanks for all of your kindness. I look forward to working with you much more in the future."

HR Manager - East Jefferson Medical Hospital

ejgh.gif"CSI has helped us to find exceptionally qualified medical and IT talent for our hospital.  These people have been key contributors to our organization and critical to our overall success."

Manager of Financial Accounting - National Law Firm:

"CSI continues to give outstanding referrals when I have personnel needs. You have the special ability of being able to match employers with employees so that new hires are a perfect fit. Your personal touch helps simplify the recruiting process.  Thank you again and I look forward to our continued work together."

HR Director:   Regional Law Firm

adamsreese.gif"Our law firm has recently starting working with CSI, and we find the working relationship getting off to a great beginning!  CSI has presented the utmost qualified candidates based on our job descriptions, which saves us time in the interviewing process of filling a staff position in our law firm. In addition to working with us on our staff positions, we are also developing a relationship with CSI to join our attorney recruiting efforts. We strongly recommend CSI to our business clients and associates when it comes to hring needs."

HR Executive - Bollinger Ship Yard

bollinger.gif"Thanks to CSI we were able to secure an oracle developer that was perfect for our organization.  CSI is very thorough and professional...we will use them again."

V.P. of Business Development - Formerly InterNetwork Experts

inx.gif"We only hire the best Account Managers to represent our services and product lines.  So when we were having trouble finding the talent that we needed we turned to CSI.  We have not regretted that decision.  If you are looking for specialized technical talent, CSI knows how to source and secure the best personnel."


"We have used CSI to fill three mission critical positions within our organization.  Thanks for a great job!"


* - Due to the highly confidential nature of many executive searches, CSI is often restricted from disclosing client identities and related search assignments at the senior executive search level.


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