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Retained Search Experts For Your Critically Important Hires

Retained Search ConsultantsRetained search is a form of management consulting where recruiting advice is offered for critically important hires. The process of identifying and introducing senior executives or top individual contributors is a sensitive one and should be performed with extreme care.  The consulting organization should bring a demonstrated track record of success for the type of senior level searches that are being proposed.

Far from being just defined by how the payments are structured, retained search is the penultimate of search services.  It provides an umbrella of credibility, competence, confidentiality, professionalism, heightened service & performance, and carefully defined search processes into an area of management where considerable harm may be caused to the individual and the organization concerned if proper process is ignored.  It also implies a solid partnership between the executive search firm and the hiring organization where both parties have “skin in the game”, bringing with it a corollary increase in outcome improvements sought by both parties.  In these types of situations, the search firm brings industry specific expertise and unique insight on the client’s leadership needs to bare on the hiring process.

Why CSI Should Be Your Retained Search Partner

With so many retained search firms to choose from, how do you know which company is right for you?  For all its advancements, retained search in the 21st century is still both an art and a science.  It’s an art in that a search firm’s consultants must still be able to cultivate positive and trust engendering relationships with the companies and candidates they serve.  The firm’s brand, network, and reputation for integrity must be exemplary so they can be strong ambassadors for the constituency they serve.  (For more on CSI’s brand / reputation, visit: Forbes Top 20 Best Executive Recruiting Firms 2017 and Statista Research Methodology.)

But top-tier retained search is increasingly a science, and not just because of all the advancements in hardware, software, and the proliferation of Web 2.0 technologies.  When a person talks about “science” in regard to recruiting, one needs to think in terms of “replication of results.”  No matter what a search firm has done in the past, how do you know that this same company, no matter how strong their value proposition or metrics, can duplicate their past performance with your company…today?  The answer lies in asking one question, “What is their process?”

Like the “consistency of quality results” generated by Six Sigma, to be consistently successful in today’s incredibly competitive war for top talent means that a company needs to have a well-defined, time-tested, and market-proven process in place that has consistently demonstrated the ability to produce top results…time after time.  How important is “process” to CSI Executive Search?  Well, how about naming your company after your process.  You see, “CSI” stands for our trade marked process, “Comprehensive Search InitiativesTM.”   Guided by the “CSI NavigatorTM” and honed over 20+ years of successful recruiting, CSI Executive Search is a process-driven leadership recruitment firm that has a demonstrated history of repeatedly supplying game-changing talent that brings real value to the companies we serve.  Need more?

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