Executive Recruitment

Setting a New Standard in Executive Search

All growing and thriving organizations require an effective leadership team to achieve optimal performance.  The challenge of finding the right senior executives to fill these critical talent needs is best achieved with the support of a firm with a demonstrated track record of identifying and recruiting top talent…time and time again.  To be consistently successful in today’s incredibly competitive war for top leadership talent means that the best executive recruiting firms need to have well-defined, time-tested, and market-proven processes in place that have consistently demonstrated the ability to produce top talent.

How important is “process” to CSI Executive Search?  Well, we named our company after our process.  You see, “CSI” stands for our trademarked process, “Comprehensive Search InitiativesTM.”  Guided by the CSI NavigatorTM and honed over two decades of successful recruiting, CSI Executive Search is a process-driven leadership recruiting firm that has a demonstrated history of repeatedly supplying game-changing talent – delivering bottom-line results to our clients.

Furthermore CSI recognizes that central to any successful hire is the ability to effectively evaluate “fit” between and a candidate, the position in question, and the corporate culture.  CSI excels in full-scope candidate vetting and this translates into long-lasting value for our clients.  CSI’s proprietary “7-Step Whole Person Assessment Process” explores technical skills, culture fit, motivation, professional experience, education, retention variables, and soft skills to ensure that a client’s ultimate hiring decision is rewarded with long-term candidate fit…minimizing the risk of and guarding against costly mis-hires.

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