Executive Search Process

Our Executive Search Process…9 Steps to Success

Given that clear communication is essential to a smooth hiring process, we encourage our clients to review our executive search process below.  Mutual orientation to the hiring process will enhance the potential for superior hiring results.

Utilizing our proprietary tool, the CSI NavigatorSMCSI conducts structured interviews with key stakeholders and hiring managers to develop a complete picture of the culture, the business objectives, and the overall position. This evidenced-based, outcome-proven proprietary search methodology has a two-decade ROI track record of producing long-term top performers with client/candidate “fit”.

  1. Needs Assessment – When CSI Executive Search takes on a new search, we begin by getting to know our client.  Through structured discussions with client stakeholders (CSI NavigatorSM), we learn about the company’s culture, its history, and its current business objectives.  A site visit is conducted whenever possible.
  2. Job Description – A critical piece of a successful search project is a comprehensive and detailed position description.  Everything from the necessary skill set and experience base to what the employee’s day-to-day job will include is covered in this process.   All principals in the hiring process sign-off on the CSI NavigatorSM contents to ensure alignment on the search assignment.
  3. Research – Our team will perform sector and candidate research based on the CSI NavigatorSM to be utilized in the search itself.  A careful analysis of the industry, competitors, marketplace, and key business objectives will serve to guide CSI’s search strategy.
  4. Identification – Guided by our research efforts and the CSI NavigatorSM, our recruiters will utilize Comprehensive Search Initiatives to identify the most qualified candidates for the position.
  5. Evaluation – Using behavioral and performance-based assessments, our recruiters qualify candidates based on culture fit, key business objective alignment, core requirements, characteristics sought, interpersonal style, and retention variables.  Our team utilizes structured retention-variable and social intelligence assessments to ensure that top contenders have both the sticking power and people skills necessary to leverage their abilities long-term in client organizations.  A candidate pool, the top 10% of qualified candidates, results from this evaluation process.
  6. Presentation – Each candidate will be presented for consideration to our client company as he/she is processed.  A detailed summary including a brief yet informative comparative analysis of the candidate’s experience/suitability for each key business objective and core requirement will be presented to the client company for consideration – along with the candidate’s resume.
  7. Verifications – Supervisory reference verifications and education verifications are performed simultaneously on the finalist(s) determined by CSI’s client to be of key interest.  Careful attention is given to conducting detailed reference checks with past direct supervisors and direct reports.  CSI uses a proprietary, structured reference checking protocol to ensure that all candidates are thoroughly vetted and viable.  The resulting reports are provided to CSI’s client as they are completed.
  8. Negotiation – We work to ensure that negotiations go smoothly and serve as a helpful intermediary in the sensitive and detailed process of hiring negotiations.
  9. Follow-up – Post-hire integration and long-term retention are key facets to any successful hire.  CSI maintains consistent contact with placed candidates and their employers to ensure a successful transition and integration process.

CSI does not oversell a job to potential candidates. It is not our purpose to make a quick placement. Rather, it is our purpose to find candidates who will be happy in the position and with the organization long-term, thereby contributing to our client’s future business success.

Client Request for Services: Let CSI Executive Search know of an opening or openings of strategic importance to your organization by submitting a CLIENT REQUEST FOR SERVICES.  Or, give us a call at 877.329.1825.

* – To facilitate ease of communication, a single CSI Executive Search consultant manages each search initiated by our firm.  Hiring managers will have direct access to this individual throughout the entire search.  When the point is securing top talent for your organization, get superior hiring results with CSI.