Comprehensive Search Initiatives

CSI’s approach is multi-dimensional, innovative, strategic, unique, engaging, resourceful, enterprising, productive, efficient, solution-oriented, and more…but we think our name says it all.  CSI is COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH INITIATIVES.™

By definition, COMPREHENSIVE is “covering completely or broadly, inclusive,” SEARCH is “to make painstaking investigation or examination;” and INITIATIVE is “readiness to engage in daring or difficult activity, enterprise.”

CSI Executive Search tailors each search to the specific needs of our clients. We qualify the characteristics of every position and perform a “culture assessment” of the job setting to ensure a Pinpoint Placement for your organization.

“Comprehensive Search Initiatives:” It’s All in the Detail…

  • Deep Channel Sourcing – We have an extensive network of local, regional, and national sourcing channels that allow us to secure the best talent available for your organization.  There is a deep pool of talent that exists beyond the ever expanding interconnected digital universe of the Internet…people who don’t want to be found in a database or on a social networking site.  We know that getting to this hidden talent usually means doing what we do best…utilizing our deep network of contacts combined with our rich research capacity to spread the word about new opportunities.  We spend hours each day calling prospective candidates and networking with sources.  It’s painstaking work but is the heart and soul of identifying and attracting premium candidates.
  • High End Targets – Whether it’s contacting CEOs, Sr. VPs, Sr. Managers, or elite business school professors regarding advanced career opportunities for those in their network, our leadership team’s strong professional and academic backgrounds open doors.  With a seasoned Ph.D. heading up CSI’s Recruitment and Profiling team, we are able to gain access to both high-end business and academic talent pools.
  • Professional Association Targets – Through professional associations pertinent to a search, we pro-actively solicit candidates meeting key criteria. We also tap into literally 1000’s of user groups that focus on topics ranging anywhere from software applications to state and national executive associations. Each of these venues offers excellent opportunities for sourcing top professional and executive talent.
  • Proprietary Database Sourcing – Our proprietary candidate database is in its 14th year of development and is searchable using one of the most sophisticated algorithms available.  This is not just a warehouse of old outdated resumes but rather a repository of some of the best professional talent in our country.  It is constantly being updated by our database administrator and contains 85,000+ resumes (with an average of 200 being added each week). Because our database is proprietary to our firm, secured by multi-layered firewall protection, and possesses information only released with the expressed consent of our candidates, we have been entrusted with resume submissions that will never show up on job boards or in public databases.
  • Tailored Promotional Campaigns – In addition to the previous 4-pronged recruiting approach, our marketing team will develop the best media campaign for your project.  They will tailor the most appropriate combination of print and Internet advertising to suit your particular search requirements.  We regularly advertise in major professional journals as well as regional and national newspapers.
  • Web 2.0 Technologies – In addition to targeted website and job board advertising, our search consultants are highly skilled at using social networking and media outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Jigsaw to locate both active and passive talent.  We also use a host of sophisticated web search techniques on Google, Bing, and Yahoo to establish new recruiting channels and source candidates.

CSI Executive Search knows where to look for qualified and serious candidates, using proven, proprietary search and evaluation techniques to identify, screen and highlight the most qualified candidates.  We match up the personalities and goals of candidates with an employer’s corporate culture to create a Pinpoint Placement and a long-term fit.

CLIENT REQUEST FOR SERVICES:  Let CSI Executive Search know of an opening or openings of strategic importance to your organization by submitting a CLIENT REQUEST FOR SERVICES.  Or, give us a call at 877.329.1825.