Succession Management

Succession Planning

The true measure of any executive’s success is the performance of his or her successor.

The role of succession planning is a critical element to long-term organizational success.  CSI Executive Search works with CEO’s and other key leaders to create a succession strategy and to evaluate and help implement existing succession plans to help enable seamless transitions.

A Process Driven Approach

Executive departures can be planned or unplanned; in either case, by the time a succession plan is needed it is far too late to start building one.  A smooth transition is critical to maintain the confidence of investors, business partners, customers and employees, and provides the incoming executive with a solid platform from which to move the company forward.  Because of this, companies must make leadership succession planning a priority, even in the face of more immediate and pressing issues.

CSI Executive Search advises CEOs and boards across all sectors on their succession planning needs and provides the following:

  • Assessing the current succession plan to ensure that it includes a regular review of critical leadership requirements / benchmarks, and adequate written guidelines, record keeping and emergency succession methodologies
  • Evaluation of the current leadership pipeline, including external benchmarking
  • External key leadership search and assessment, if needed.

Confidence to Meet the Change

When executing a succession plan, we work with Boards and other key leaders to conduct a multifaceted assessment of internal and external finalists and then benchmark them against external candidates to ensure the best possible candidate will be selected for the position. Once the winning candidate has been chosen, we help the existing leadership team and outgoing executive develop a transition plan so the new candidate is on solid footing with the board, employees, investors and other stakeholders.

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